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Lott has been behind some of the most recognizable documentary series and non-scripted shows on television including directing and setting the look for the pilot episode of Emmy-winning Undercover Boss for CBS, as Cinematographer, shot the pilot episode of National Geographic’s hit Locked Up Abroad, show-ran Critic's Choice-nominated The Pitch for AMC (where he met Ari), and Xbox series Every Street United. Other showrunning & directing credits include Supernanny, Wife Swap, Faking It, Auction Hunters, Shark Week, I’m Alive, Sole Survivor, Kurt Sutter's Outlaw Empires, Be the Boss, Speed of Life, Mayday Bering Sea, and Biker Battleground.


When it comes to execution, Lott has created an enviable track record of pushing storytelling and visuals to new levels. Which is why he was brought in-house to direct and showrun for BBC Worldwide, Gurney Productions, and Studio Lambert, a run that would span 10 years.


Once forming AMPLE in 2015, Lott’s unique visual style became a key defining characteristic of AMPLE’s brand quickly establishing the company as synonymous with quality. Now, in 2023, that signature extends across all AMPLE product, from graphics to music to recreation. Working closely with showrunners, editors, and composers Lott has been able to scale the brand and maintain the handcrafted look & feel that has become so important to AMPLE.


Determined to continue his work as a filmmaker, Lott directed & shot recent projects like the HBO Documentary series The Invisible Pilot (with Adam McKay as EP, and co-directed with Ari), The Night Doctor, and the upcoming Fremantle co-production, After the Fyre.

Prior to AMPLE, Lott began his career in London, England, working on feature films and documentaries. As cinematographer, he shot Indian Tales for Academy Award-winning director Asif Kapadia, SXSW Gamechanger winning indie-feature, Kelly and Cal starring Juliette Lewis and Cybil Shepherd, directing 2nd unit on IFC success, Rust Creek.

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