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Coming to AMPLE from ITV America, Darren brings over 20-years of production experience at the highest levels. Darren is integral to every piece of AMPLE’s strategy and production services operations.

Darren has taken the filmmaker-led mentality of AMPLE and has been able to support the many filmmakers and documentarians who work with us. In a fast-changing industry, Darren is known for developing thoughtful new models for production that allow for the way we make our films and television series to be as creative as the work we deliver and ensures that budgets are maximized and end up on the screen. 

Darren and his robust production team have been battle-tested, from delivering over a 80 hours of television in the last 14 months alone, to sending crews to film everywhere from war-zones, to glaciers and jungles, from space to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. And always with respect, and always as an extension of AMPLE's guiding principal of honesty, integrity, and being a great partner to our networks and distributors. 

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