Alex comes to AMPLE after a career producing at the forefront of US documentary and non-scripted television. 

As a showrunner, Alex has created a name as someone who can unflinchingly tackle incredibly hard subjects and bring them to the screen with a unique, authored POV. 


Alex has an enviable track record of gaining access to seemingly impenetrable organisations, including his Emmy-winning work on "Scientology and the Aftermath", and in the acclaimed "The Disappearance of Natalie Holloway". In this event series, he worked for almost a year to gain access to document the intimate journey of a family as they pressed to reopen the investigation into their daughter's possible murder.

With a passion for helping to find new ways to tell stories, Alex works day-to-day with all the filmmakers at AMPLE in a way that supports them, always allowing them to concentrate on being creative. 

Alex's previous work includes network premium social experiment series including CBS's Emmy-winning "Undercover Boss" (where he met Phil on the pilot), and on "The Glee Project" from Ryan Murphy ("American Horror Story").